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1890 S Milestone Dr, Suite B
Salt Lake City, UT
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Custom Books because your life matters

Millions of our life's stories will be lost  if we don't do something about it.

Don't let yours sneak






The memories you’ve made over the years and the experiences you’ve

had are what have made you you. But who else knows your life’s stories? 

 Simply put, who else knows what makes you and only you?

It's just plain WRONG not to document your life's stories.

Family Heritage Publishers understands the difficulties you face as you write your life's stories. From finding the time, gathering your information and  the frustration you'll feel. From where to start to the scanning of  old photographs. From what should I include to what to leave out? From feeling overwhelmed by the task to the joy of completion.

let us be your guide

67 years of


   We have the know-how you need.  

those that have gone before


"Perfectamundo! Mark, the books arrived a few minutes ago, and they are splendid! Everything I hoped for! Thank you so much for working with me on these. I will be back in touch if and when I need more, and if I need to set up a Sputnik shop at FHP." ​ Thanks so much!! best scott

This is the Place

"Guess what?? The "This Is The Place", books came, all 50 of them, and how excited Barbara and were when we opened the 3 boxes up!! Thank you Mark, you and the Family Heritage workers did a fantastic job on the amazing 224 pages. We are so grateful for the Family Heritage Publishers Company, and for you, and your communication with us The blue color is perfect. And the printing on the outside of the book is a Gold Color, very high class." Sincerely--Grant and Barbara Bigelow.

Our Family Heritage

"The books arrived and are beyond my expectations! The quality is outstanding. Thank you for making my last twelve years of research meaningful and for enabling me to pass on their heritage to my progeny." Betty

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