There is a long tradition of church, school and small town histories that are found in local libraries throughout the United States and around the world.  As so much of Crenshaw’s history seems to be slipping away, the present time is a good opportunity to preserve some of our history as a reference for now and a resource for future generations.  This is a collection I have put together from the many families and friends who have shared their photos, recollections, and other data with me.   
I would like to thank each of you because WITHOUT YOUR HELP THIS WOULD HAVE NOT BEEN POSSIBLE.  Everyone’s photos and/or names are not listed as this would be impossible to do.  However, what is presented in this book should be considered a foundation for anyone to build on it with updated information.   
Most of us know that in the early years of the American South (and other parts of the country) most towns were segregated.  In Crenshaw, Blacks and Whites were separated by a railroad track.  There was a “Negro School” and a “White School” and there were signs that read “Colored” and “White” on doctors’ offices and water fountains.  This is a part of our history that was a way of life during those days. Hopefully this small bit of town history will be there for those who wish to know more about Crenshaw. 

Set of 2 copies Crenshaw, MS Some of the Town’s History and Some of Its People"

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