I feel obligated to write my personal history as I’ve been so incredibly
blessed and I want to share the events of my life with generations to come.
My life has been extraordinary in many ways, in my view, and my experiences
might prove helpful and hopeful to my family and others who read of them.
Additionally, I write this book to be true to our Vancouver Canada missionaries.
Continuously we reminded them that they needed to write in their
journals or histories, and it was pointed out repeatedly that 100 years from
now their posterity will know nothing about them except the cardinal events
in their lives, such as when they were born and died, who they married, possibly
what children they had, and that’s about it. To stay true to my urging of
our missionaries to keep their personal histories, I need to write down mine.
Understanding my life experiences requires at least some understanding
of my progenitors, as I am in large part a continuation of their experiences.
Therefore, this prologue includes a brief history of my family on both my
father’s and mother’s sides. Additionally, I’ve added an anecdote about my
grandfather, George W. Middleton, who was a pioneer physician in Cedar
City in the early 1900s but also served as Cedar City mayor. I tell of how
he sued some sheepmen in Cedar City to keep their sheep away from the
mountain watershed that supplied water to Cedar, because he felt that the
practice of grazing sheep in the canyons was in large measure responsible for the waterborne diseases the townsfolk were contracting. 
At the end of the book, I have included Appendix A, which is a brief
history of the Middleton family in Utah; Appendix B, which is a brief history
of my mother’s ancestors; Appendix C, which is an outline of my medical
organization leadership positions; Appendix D, which is my full curriculum
vita; and Appendix E, which is my condensed biography.
Hopefully you’ll find this book interesting and entertaining as well as
informative. From my perspective, I really can’t think of anything about my
life I would have changed, although the rough patches at the time seemed
tough. In retrospect, they simply helped me to learn and grow, and I have
learned that facing challenges and overcoming them is the fun in this journey
we call life.
Enjoy the book.
— Tony
November 2018

A Wonderful Journey! The Autobiography of Anthony W. Middleton, Jr.

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