While researching our ancestors I discovered ancestors who were famous
figures in history. Previously, I had no idea we were related to them. Then, too,
there were ancestors I knew about; but until studying them in depth, I had no
idea how they fit into history and how interesting their stories were. Besides
learning about ancestors, I learned a great deal about the fascinating history in
which they participated. I hope this volume gives a little insight into history as
well as progenitors.
When we study people, history comes alive. Rudyard Kipling said,
"If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten."
And when the stories are about our own ancestors, it touches our lives in a
more personal way. To find out how you connect to these persons, just check the
pedigree charts in the back of the book. Most of the "Lineages" are carried down
to the great grandparents, or last row, on the charts.
Some of the narratives are more detailed than others because of access to
abundant sources. Others are quite brief, but still identify the ancestor in the
context of history. No pioneers, with the exception of Jane (Snyder) Richards,
were included since they are in their own volumes previously published by me.
Jane was included because the narrative here focuses on her women's rights
interests and activities.
The ancestor stories included in this volume are just a few of my
favorites. I hope you enjoy them!
Lynne W. McDonough
I am sure that errors will be found. My life is not long enough to discover
enough information to totally satisfy me. So, I present what I have at this point
with the knowledge that future research will undoubtedly uncover more
information which will either confirm or correct.


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