When my father passed away in 2008, Mother
rediscovered the letters that he had written to her before
their marriage in 1942. They were of such high interest to
the family that we recorded her reading them, then
transcribed them and added pictures with MotherÕs
introductions and explanations. It took us about two
years, but finally in 2012 we printed our first edition of
Letters from Ralph: A Love Story. And we all loved it!!
Mother and I loved it most of all, I think, because
it not only allowed us a glimpse into the past and
validated her choice to marry in the first place, but it also
gave us a project to work on together! When it was
finished, we realized she had much more to share about
her life before and after her marriage, and we launched
into another collection of writings; this time of MotherÕs
musings and remembrances of not only her life with Dad
but also of her childhood and her life on the farm. Over a
period of two years, during which she celebrated her 96th
birthday, she relived her lifeÕs experiences and wrote
about them, filling several spiral notebooks, one of which
she kept beside her bed in case she thought of something
in the night. The result is a delightful collection of
anecdotes and essays, which not only entertain and
educate the reader but show her growing development as
a writer.

Since every word was written by Mother, she
wants everyone to know these are her memories of
different events and situations and Òthey may contain
some unintended, non- fatal inaccuracies.Ó
Judy (Remsing)Dougal

Memories of a Prairie Girl Hard or Soft Cover

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