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Press here for PDF of your quote

I wanted to personally thank you for your request for book quote. THANK YOU!

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE NOTICE. It contains IMPORTANT information about your quote and how to continue if you would like to place an order.

You will receive an email of your quote with a link to update it if needed. Every time you make a change you will receive a new email. Please use this link to change your quote rather than submitting a new quote for the same book. This will avoid duplicate quotes and avoid confusion. Every time you make a change you will receive a new email.

You will also use the link in your email to place your order. Once your order is received the following will happen:

I will provide:

  • unlimited support helping you finish your project through publication.

  • services to combine your pdf files if needed. Any additional services to your PDF are done here.

  • sending your PDF print file to the pre-press check to determine if there is anything that would affect the quality of the printed page.  You will be notified if there are any issues and given opportunity to make corrections.

  • design service for your printed cover or create your foil embossed cover with direction provided by you.

  • a link to the three step process needed to move your book into production

  • ​a digital flip book (proof) including your cover for your approval. I will work with you to correct anything with additional proofs sent as needed. NOTE: Two additional proofs are provided at no additional charges. If more than two additional proofs needed there may be additional charges.

  • a link to my Print/Bind approval form. This asks you to check your order for accuracy and sign off that it is ready for production.

  • a link to your invoice for payment. Prepayment is required due to the custom nature of your book.

  • a book(s) we can both be proud of.

  • notification when you have completed all three of the items noted above and your book is sent to production.

  • a tracking number at shipping (usually 10-14 days or less).

  • a 100% satisfaction guarantee of your books.

  • a lifetime manufacturing guarantee. My guarantee is simple. I guarantee that the pages of your book will NEVER detach from the cover. Did I say NEVER?

  • as a courtesy to you. Any re-orders within 30 days of delivery will receive the same quantity pricing as your original order.

Warmest regards,





Call or email me if you have any questions.


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