A big THANK YOU for your order.  If you have not already uploaded your files you can here: https://www.familyheritagepublishers.com/upload

Once your files are received this is what happens next:

Family Heritage Publishers will: 
     1. Combine your pdf files as needed. Any additional services to PDF done here.
     2. Send your PDF print file to pre-press to determine if there is anything that would affect the
        quality of the printing. Family Heritage will produce a book we can both be proud of. You
        will be notified if there are any issues.
     3. Create your printed cover or a representation of your foil embossed cover.
     4. Send a digital flip book (proof) including cover for your approval.
     5. Work with you to correct anything needed with additional proofs sent.
     6. Send you an invoice for payment by email.
     7. Notify you after payment received that book has been sent to production.
     8. Send a tracking number at shipping (usually 10-14 days or less).
     9. Guarantee 100% satisfaction of your books.
   10. Any re-orders within 30 days of delivery will receive the same quantity pricing as original
   11. Give you a lifetime guarantee. It is simple. Family Heritage guarantees that the pages of
         your book will NEVER detach from the cover. Did I say NEVER?

Customer will:

     1. Review digital flip book (proof) for approval. Usually arrives within 24 hrs or less.
     2. Work with Family Heritage on any changes needed prior to printing.
     3. Fill out and sign our print/bind approval form.

     4. Make payment by bank transfer (preferred) or credit card which signals book is approved for
        production. NOTE: Once your order is sent to production no changes can be made.
     5. Await arrival of your books and enjoy.

Warmest regards,



Email me if you have any questions about your order and please include your order number.