Musings RootsTech 2017


I have been musing about my rootstech 2017 experience. First, thanks to all who took the time to talk to me in my booth, I appreciate it. It was fun to hear of your stories and projects you are working on.

Here are my two takes as I see them.

  1. Many of you are doing a family history project and doing a lot of research. Good for you! I’ll be ready when you are.

  2. The rest of you have either started or would like to start writing your own life story or the life story of one of your nearest relatives ie. Mom and/or Dad, Grandpa and/or Grandma. Again, good for you.

Now here is my dilemma:

How do I get you to finish and publish your project? May I suggest this? Break you project into multiple sections and publish separately creating a library of books.

  1. Those working on family history, break it down by area, time or family. Plan an ending point finish and then continue building your family library.

  2. Those working on life story. Break it down by time periods or significant moments of your life. Just like chapters of a book you’d create chapters (books) of your life building a life story library. No need to go in chronological order. Just pick something, get on it and finish. Then if you are taken suddenly you have something you have already shared. People of any age can start where they are. Kids love it.

In these scenarios it is much easier, less stressful and time consuming to create multiple books of 30-100 pages than a comprehensive life story/history.

I personally have finished my birth to eighteen book and have already been able to share it with my family. Now working on courtship and marriage.

Whatever you choose Family Heritage Publishers is right here to help create and finish the best books on the planet.


Mark Hancock

Book Building Blackbelt

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